Epson projector display problems

Look at the indicator lights on the Epson projector. Basic tips for any issue: Turn off the projector and unplug it and disconnect all cables. "I recently upgraded from a Panasonic PT-AE700 which is a 720p projector to the Epson TW3500 (8100) which is 1080p. While it is difficult to tell in my photographs, the Epson picture looks absolutely glorious even on my cheap screen, but that screen's high reflectivity becomes apparent with the Epson on a high-brightness mode: It reflects so much of the projector's light that the entire room is illuminated, putting a big damper on contrast and black levels. jpg 082. Turn on the projector and ensure it is displaying an image that has an obvious top and bottom. I have checked it with another computer as well as another cable and have found that the same thing is occurring. 7 and 0. This issue is one of many  The first step in correcting discoloration on your screen is to pinpoint the precise problem, which is usually either the screen itself or a problem with the projector. Connecting for Screen Mirroring with a Windows 8. When used with the Epson Multi-PC Projection with Moderator function, teachers can select and display content from up to four Chromebooks at one time. Projector model is EPSON. Epson Projector Temperature Sensor Repair: This is an instructable for how to repair an Epson VS210 projector when one of the temperature sensing thermistors stop working. Then by going back and selecting “Graphic Properties” instead of “Graphics Options,” a box comes up in which the display resolutions can be easily changed. Original title: Using WiFi Projectors. It supports 3D and full HD and has a buil Today, I’ll be checking out VAVA’s 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector. Red or flashing red: Flashing red If the projector is out of warranty, your school can pay Epson to repair it. Check to ensure the projector is not in standby mode if you do not see an image on the screen. Press the Menu button to display the On-Screen Menu. The way it works is this: when the setting is activated, it splits the video signal into two separate 1080p images and offsets one of them by a half a pixel diagonally. The Epson iProjection App for Chromebooks can display content from a single Chromebook on an Epson projector. With an Epson projector in place, you can easily show data from your computer, laptop, thumb drive, television or other input device on the wall or screen, helping your customers and would-be customers visualize your products. Epson is well-known for its award-winning lines of home and enterprise projectors. The warning indicator light flashing at 0. That problem is having a lot of ambient light. The Home Cinema 1060 and its siblings (the other two are lower resolution so not considered in this report), are available to solve a problem. Change the resolution to match your projector. A search within the App store for the brand name of the projector should yield results. For the Sanyo PLCXU73, access the Setting menu. However, no device is perfect, and your device may sometimes develop display issues such as seeing colored lines on your screen. Is this indicative of any "I recently upgraded from a Panasonic PT-AE700 which is a 720p projector to the Epson TW3500 (8100) which is 1080p. However, this projector does not support 1080p at 120hz. The damage can be anything, including dirt accumulation or the improper maintenance of the Epson projector. Displaying a Laptop on a Secondary Display (Projector or TV) If you have issues using the steps below or are running a different operating system on your   How to Connect a Laptop to a ProjectorFor the most part, connecting your laptop to a projector is relatively simple. As the bulb is rated at 4000 hours of use our limited time of total in service was not justifying sending these projectors off to the recycler. 3LCD projectors – According to industry experts, 3LCD projectors are the dominent species of projectors. Purple Dots on the Screen. There’s a whole range of possibilities now with digital projectors, both in technology and price. . The most common problems in Epson projectors that we repair are: no power, power on but unit will not project the image, overheating message, vertical lines or horizontal lines on the image, bad image colors or spot discoloration, black or white spots or dots on the image, input connection problems. 0 I have an HP Pavilion dv5-1235dx running Windows 7 64-bit. When Epson projectors are mounted on the ceiling, they are mounted upside down. Symptoms of Epson Projector HDMI no Port not Working. About every 10 seconds or so then increasingly fast. I am unable to get it to work with an Epson Powerlite Epson Home Cinema LS100 LCD Projector and Elite Screens Aeon CLR Screen Review. Screen on running lecture is blink on and off. If both devices are off the display is okay for about one minute, then begins to "flash". On the remote control select Menu -> Setup-> Mirror -> V Invert. Position the projector so the keystone adjustment angle is not so wide that it distorts the image. While not every setup is identical, here are a  Connect one end of a VGA cable to the projector's Computer port, and the follow the on-screen instructions to install the Epson USB Display software (only Note: If you have problems installing the USB Display software, make sure the. The weird thing is that, when I turn it on with the ps3 and hdmi, I can hear the projector doing a noise like if it was a hard drive, like its doing something, but then nothing, no image. If the projector is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capable, check to see whether the company that manufacturers it supplies an app. Press "Menu. 2. This is because when you install a projector in a roof you have to flip the projector upside down so the projector doesn't have to be pointed down and doesn't cause any problems with keystoning. if i start the class at afternoon 3pm at temp 35degree cell then problem is start. 7 lbs. They make up well more than half of all projectors manufactured. For the Hitachi CP-S225, select Menu -> Main -> Mirror -> V Invert. Purple or magenta spots on a screen could affect the quality of images being beamed by an LCD projector, and these can distract users. I have built Projector display flickering when connected to Windows 10 PC - General Hardware Forum - Spiceworks The Epson 5050UB is going to have the fastest input lag of any projector that can display more than 2 million pixels and accept a 4K input. Try Prime Electronics Cheap lampe elplp49, Buy Quality elplp49 lamp directly from China lamp epson Suppliers: Replacement ELPL49 V13H010L49 Projector Lamp Module For Epson EH-TW2800 TW2900 TW3000 TW3200 TW3500 TW3600 TW3800 TW5000 TW5500 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. A number of projectors in the Epson PowerLite and EX lines are designed to be ceiling-mountable, which can be an optimal location in a business conference room. Overall, Epson has done a great job at catering to the budget home projector market. 2) Could be a setting with the projector like 'color temperature' or type of display (mine has PureCinema, Natural). This means that the operator must select Projector Reviews has long strived to be our industry’s leading authority on all things projectors. 7 inches from the wall. Our goal is to provide the most in-depth reviews on the internet, and good advice, too. 3LCD dominates just about all categories of projectors except the extreme high end (3 chip DLP) and the incredibly small Pico projectors. That's not amazing in and of itself, except that it boasts 500 lumens of output-plenty enough for home theater use. Even at that price, the Sony, which is capable of beaming images as large as 120 inches, comes off as a bargain per-inch compared with TVs like Samsung’s twenty-grand 88-inch QN-88Q9F. The 5040UB is not a native 4K projector, as it employs three 1920 by 1080p LCD panels. Then three weeks ago on the Win 7 side the display on projectors out was locked to 640x480. The problem is that the duplicate display setting does not stay A number of projectors in the Epson PowerLite and EX lines are designed to be ceiling-mountable, which can be an optimal location in a business conference room. I tried connecting the VGA and it detects at my computer, but will not show up on the projector. Is this indicative of any You can try using the Display Quality troubleshooter to automatically find and fix some common display problems. For Windows, right-click on a clear area of the Desktop and choose Properties or Screen Resolution. Use the focus feature on the projector if the picture is blurry or unclear. Windows 7 on a laptop identifies the projector and the laptop screen as one and this means it will only duplicate the screen and will not give the option to 'Extend' the laptop screen. Audio may not be supported. The flickering and blinking, if not fixed, could progress into a complete lack of video, which could be detrimental if it happens during an important meeting Having a projector helps your business get more done and gives your clients a better look at what you have to offer. Many people have reported that they face problems with Epson projector HDMI port. olution that the projector can display is 1280x1024 pixels, pref-. Turn the projector off, unplug it, and contact Epson for help. Download the Epson iProjection app from the Chrome Web Store. Dec 18, 2013 To begin troubleshooting an AV problem, it is best to shut everything . 120" Othelloline - "Copernico" Multi Format screen, Epson EH-TW9300 projector, Panasonic DMP-UB300, Harmony Ultimate remote, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV. There are a few minor problems that one may encounter when operating an LCD projector, and in most cases these involve image and display quality. I cannot get it to work with my Epson Lite50c Projector. To help solve this problem, some Epson projectors have audio outputs that you can connect to an audio system for richer sound. I could connect to VGA projectors in either OS and could adjust the resolution. ⦁ Display Type: 3LCD. If you're desperately trying to fix a projector in your school, try some of the following Optimize the display and color settings for the lighting in the classroom. Hi Guys, having an issue connecting my Xbox One S to my JVC X7000 projector. Epson iProjection App for Chromebooks makes it easy to move about the room and effortlessly share content with the entire class by wirelessly sharing Chromebooks with the classroom projector. ⦁ Projector Weight: 13. by Ryan Goodrich. Remove the obstacle, or clean the obstacle sensors. x/Windows 10 Computer 64. The projector we have at work all of a sudden just displays green, ive and that answer seems to fit in better thanthe lamp being the problem. 9 inches diagonal. Category People & Blogs; A fan or sensor has a problem. With many laptops requiring dongles to convert between mini DisplayPort or USB-C ports and a VGA or HDMI cable, check each connection is secure. for any damages or problems arising from the use of any options or any consumable p roducts other than those designated as As the topic title states I'm seeing the reflection of my projector lens light bulb on my my projector screen. It may be a problem between the display resolution of the computer and projector. Check out our lamp replacements guides or your projector manual for instructions. This issue is one of many that you can solve on your own before pursuing device repairs. There are specific troubleshooting suggestions available for the most common  However, no device is perfect, and your device may sometimes develop display issues such as seeing colored lines on your screen. How to Use an Epson Ceiling Mount Projector. This video demonstrates how to adjust basic resolution and image settings on Epson projectors. 11/10. This article describes troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve a dim image from a SMART projector. Projector is plugged into HDMI port on the back of my Integra DRX3 and then a HDMI from game port Into the console. and then reattach the video cable--when the cable is loose, this causes problems with the display. Skip to main content. In the left pane, click View all, and then click Display Quality. They used the smallest projectors on the market, with little LCD panels only 0. A blinking projector screen is, at best, a minor annoyance, and, more often than not, a complete distraction that makes it hard for viewers to focus on the content of your presentation. something more like a software problem in the projector rather than hardware ? I didn't see a hard reset option in the projector to try reset this problem. Question Projector Acer P1500 colour problem: Question Need help with Projectors EPSON EB-X05 and BenQ MH-550: Question Can LG BH9420PW 3D Blu-Ray disc system with Wifi Direct send wireless to Epson 5040UBe wireless 3D projector? Question HDMI source not supported on Epson Projector. An award winning and very economical to run 1080p average noise level multimedia projector, with a very good spec and a reasonable price. I just purchased a custom hand made wooden tone arm 9 inch on ebay from thst guy in Latvia. Stream Netflix on laptop and output to projector via usb or hdmi on projector But Bluetooth audio to separate speaker (cause the Epson has no audio out). Im torn between using it as a second tone arm or replacing my Linn Basic Plus and making it the second tone arm. 4) again, if it is a LCD projector, Epson PowerLite S3 User’s Guide. Make sure all cables are securely connected to the appropriate port. Epson Projector drivers are tiny programs that enable your Projector hardware to communicate with your operating system software. If the projector menu is able to display, there may be a problem with the connected  If the problem persists, unplug the projector and contact Epson for help. If the problem persists, unplug the projector and contact Epson for help. I have toggled back and forth between with the f8 key and that does not work. 1/ 8/ 7/XP and Macintosh 10. The problem with the moire patterns only started when I upgraded, this I beleive is due to the pixels being much smaller and closer together. Note: If the lights display a pattern not listed in the table above, turn the projector off,  Press the Source button on the projector repeatedly to cycle through the If you are projecting from a laptop computer, make sure it is set up to display on an If the other solutions do not solve the problem, reset all of the settings using the  Mar 2, 2018 CLICK HERE for suggestions for fixing projector issues with Windows or a docking station. Answers. yolo on May 2, 2019 at 10:26 PM. If at all possible, physically move the screen outside on a clear, sunny day and visually compare its surface to a white sheet of paper. Sir my projector is suffer from this kind of problem. The best I have gotten is my desktop background to be displayed on the screen but nothing else. Projectors are now standard in many business meetings and conferences, as they are able to facilitate presentations effectively and efficiently. Duplicate - same thing on the projector screen as your monitor; Extend - projector screen functions as a second monitor--make sure the window you want to show is on the projector display and not the laptop display. You are providing your consent to Epson America, Inc. It sports Ultra HD resolution courtesy of a pixel-shifted DLP chip with support for HDR. Stop using theprojector, disconnect the power cord, and contact Epson for help. With 4K/Ultra HD quickly taking over as the default resolution for new TVs, it seems ironic that projectors, the display type that would most benefit from 4K resolution, have been slower to transition to the new format. Plug it back in and reconnect cables. EdTV will no longer send projectors and document cameras for repair. When Epson projectors are mounted Alot of projectors (being all projectors that are designed to be hung from a roof) have an image flip function. The higher resolution (and more expensive!) projectors can give a far superior display. To determine which is the cause of your yellowing issues, visually inspect your screen in natural light. 10. Review: The diminutive Acer K132 LED DLP projector uses an LED light source. At the 150 hour point, both projectors started exhibiting issues with the 3 fans that provide airflow to the bulb. The exact wording of some menu options may differ depending on the projector model. Alot of projectors (being all projectors that are designed to be hung from a roof) have an image flip function. Check the lamp is not broken and the lamp cover is securely in place. It happens in all modes. Big Screen Forums Home Theater: Projectors Forum Login Register Epson projector with a lense (large curved screen) yolo. Jul 19, 2019 For most models, you will see a "No Signal" message on screen or only the Miroir logo screen if the projector is not receiving an input signal. Another thing to check is that the display mode is set to only an external video port. How to fix an LCD projector with a washed-out yellowish image (blue LCD gone bad) Three years ago TI, the inventor of DLP technology, conducted a study to see if projectors using LCD panels wore down over time . Getting a Microsoft Windows 10 laptop connected to a projector or TV can be the been some occasions where a BIOS update has fixed a display problem. Modern projector bulbs normally do not fail Epson PowerLite 6110i Manual Online: What To Do If You See A Blank The Projector And Notebook Don't Display; The Same Image - Epson PowerLite 6110i  3 If you don't intend to use the projector immediately, replace the lens cap. 5 sec intervals indicates a problem with the projection lamp (bulb). When using the Screen Fit feature (PowerLite 1781W/1785W/1795F) , position the projector at a compatible distance from the screen or adjust the image shape manually. It did work for a while, not it will not display an image. Red Flashing red Off: The lamp may be burnt out. Plz helm me sir. Pink and magenta tints are common but it may be  Seiko Epson Corporation shall not be liable for any damages or problems Troubleshooting Display Problems. Setting Up Projector Solving Projector or Remote Control Operation Problems . For instruction on setting  All projectors utilize a lamp of some type to illuminate and project the image. At 1080p 60hz the input lag I measured is 26ms. But failed temperature sensors seems to be a somewhat common problem on Epson projectors. To explore what it might be like to have a digital projector on hand over a period of time, I got a long-term loan of a three-LCD Epson PowerLite 755c projector. Before you set up the Epson iProjection app, make sure that both your Chromebook and Epson projector are connected to the same network. To contact Epson America, you may write to 3840 Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, CA 90806 or call 1-800-463-7766. To do this, Open up the projector menu from the Epson Remote; Select “Extended” on the left side. Original title: I can't get my Windows 7 laptop to work with my Epson projector. Replacement lamps are now available from the MDC catalog (listed as "Lamp, Epson"). Video goes to projector, audio to amplifier (same setup as used with Xbox and Raspberry Pi). People are throwing out much more expensive projectors than   Aug 13, 2014 And the projector started wiggling the image, nearly causing and pressing random buttons, I'll check against these common projector problems and how to fix them: Adjust your screen resolution on your computer. Not sure how to fix the issue. Make sure that the projector mode is set for the cable you have connected (hit the correct mode button on the remote as follows:) USB = USB Use the up/down arrows to get to Projection and change it to Front/Ceiling. Most projectors display at resolutions with ratios of 4:3, like 1024x768. 3) If it is a LCD projector, check if the panels are well aligned, check in the settings or in your manual, it should be fairly easy to adjust (mine is). Problem #2 – Cables Loose. Maintaining updated Epson Projector software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. Always reset your lamp timer after replacing the lamp. In the search box, type troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshooting. However, native resolution of the projector is something like 1280x8xx. Nov 17, 2017 We have had an Epson 3020 for about four years with no problems. Installation location is also an important factor which is directly related to the Epson projector overheating problem. . Use the up/down arrows to get to Projection and change it to Front/Ceiling. AV and Multimedia Related Thread, What is causing this color distortion in my projector? in Technical; 086. I have no issues with my PS4 Pro but when i try the XBox I get audio but no picture. Is your Epson Projector Overheating? Find an easy fix to solve such issues. Epson projector overheating is one issue which is mainly caused by a damaged Epson projector. This will ensure you get the best image quality for your computer. Go tehrough the article and resolve this issu now. Now even the Mac side is having problems (a jumpy screen) with one out of the three projectors I usually use (the screen starts getting jumpy after 15 minutes). It is amazing how many display problems are caused by loose cables between the computer and data projector. I unhooked the LCD and plugged my laptop up to a projector to do a presentation. I have seen a problem on multiple computers and heard of others with the problem when having a computer set all the time to duplicate the display onto either a projector screen or TV. Over time, like all bulbs, these go bad. You may withdraw your consent or view our privacy policy at any time. Try adjusting the display resolution to match the data projector. Stop using the projector, disconnect the power cord, and contact Epson for further troubleshooting. Oct 20, 2012 6 common projector problems after installing a new lamp It's been designed to send you warning messages on screen and to trigger the Lamp Indicator when the A friend has an Epson projector which was working. Epson EX50 Projector drivers are tiny programs that enable your Projector hardware to communicate with your operating system software. 3. 12/10. The “Hovering” action needs to be turned off. Epson projector settings. That said, if you’re looking for 4K support, Epson has a wide range of other projectors to choose from. Nov 3, 2016 How do I get my Mac to display on a projector?Connecting a MacBook to a Troubleshoot YG - 300 LCD projector 6 common problems  Disconnecting a USB Device or Camera From the Projector . Typical Projector Problems. screen on startup but it does not show on the projector menus or test  Oct 14, 2013 Resolving issues around odd color tints on images projected with an Epson projector. epson eb s11 projector ,problem is blank display and how to solve blank epson eb s11 projector ,problem is blank display and how to solve blank. Once the projector is cool and the fan has stopped running disconnect the power cord. Instead of the incremental changes seen in newer generations of the Home Cinema and Pro Cinema lines, Epson has added two major new technologies to the stable and in the process created a flagship product. External Display resolution problems after using a projector I have an external LCD display that was working fine. They are the perfect interactive whiteboard alternative. This list Call the manufacturer (Epson) at 562-276-4394 to find out if your projector is under Use on-screen help by pressing the ? With an Epson projector in place, you can easily show data. "No Signal" laptop connected to Epson projector via HDMI Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:20 pm I have an old Acer laptop (3820TG) that I'm trying to connect to an Epson EX7210 projector via HDMI. Leave the projector to cool down for a few moments. Brands like Epson or Panasonic supply apps that allow you to connect iPad to a projector wirelessly. 1. Projector Troubleshooting Guide This site provides answers to some of the general problems users encounter with digital projectors. I connected that and it projected on the screen no problem, but I have no idea if extended laptop is possible through usb, so it is not useful for my purposes. But Epson’s given this projector a nifty trick: Pixel Shifting. ". Solution: You need to reset the lamp timer. Press the projector's power button to wake it from standby or sleep mode. Hi, I have a problem using Windows 7 and an EPSON LCD WXGA EB-1776W Projector with wifi. 302. Pair this Epson with a proper light rejecting (a side light absorbing) – ALR screen – and you can tackle some rooms that are impressively unsuitable for a real home theater projector. Link The site also provides users with keyboard commands for most latop manufacturers to send the video signal to the projector and also to return it to the laptop screen. How to Troubleshoot an Epson Projector Step. Open up the projector menu from the Epson Remote; Select “Settings” Select “Keystone” Choose “quick corner” Adjust accordingly Mouse pointer moves without tapping the screen. Epson’s Ultra HD and HDR-compatible 3D LCD projector delivers a compelling mix of performance and features for its $3,999 price. Epson EX50 Projector Driver Download For Windows 10/ 8. The Epson 5040UB is one of the latest examples of such a budget-friendly premium technology and it delivers on display specs, performance and high dynamic range in a way that many consumers will 3LCD projectors – According to industry experts, 3LCD projectors are the dominent species of projectors. Red Off Flashing red There is a problem with the fan or temperature sensor. Furthermore, installing the wrong Epson drivers can make these problems even worse. Maintaining updated Epson EX50 Projector software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. When the projector is detected by the laptop's GPU, it indicates that it is a 1920x1080 display. The projector goes into an overheat protection cycle, where after running for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, the bulb shuts o Intro, At work we have 2, Epson 1770w 1280x800 LCD projectors. It sounds like there is a problem with the laptop screen and the projector image. That has changed. It is possible that your Display / Monitor driver is not compatible with the newer version of Windows. Yellow tones in your projected visuals are due to one of two sources: the projector lamp or the screen itself. Epson, Epson Pro Cinema, LS10000, Laser Projector, Projector Reviews Well now they’ve gone and leapfrogged themselves in a big way. The HDMI output of the PC goes into an HDMI to RCA converter. jpg 081. The projector has an internal problem. Many projectors will turn off automatically when the end of lamp hours has been reached – whether the lamp is new or not. Problem is, running a Apple lightning to hdmi to the projector disconnects my Bluetooth signal to the speaker. Epson’s new entry on the UST scene is the LS100, a 1080presolution, I have an Epson emp-s4 projector that I use in my classroom. After you upgrade your computer to Windows 10, if your Epson Display / Monitor Drivers are not working, you can fix the problem by updating the drivers. Image from classroom computer won't display on projector screen:. Purple Dots on the Screen Interactive projectors easily make a dry erase board, plain wall or table an interactive display. If you find an app that works with Display: Any LCD / Plasma / Projector or any other screen with a DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort input Source Device: Any Blu-ray Player, DVD Player, Gaming Console (PS3, Xbox 360), Apple TV, HD PVR or any device with a DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort Output. And same lecture is going on at evening then projector are run properly. Do I need to tweak my display preferences at all? If so How? This one if for all the A/V specialists out there-I have an Epson PowerLite S5 projecter that I have been using for years with an Xbox and Raspberry Pi for input. Make sure that the projector mode is set for the cable you have connected (hit the correct mode button on the remote as follows:) USB = USB In case you are also stuck with such issues, go through this article for easy troubleshooting hacks. The projector is an Epson 5030 and my screen is A 110" Elite series screen in white. jpg the first two images are the projector image and the final one is the same screen on - Nobody else has access to the projector - One particular thing is that I didn't use it for a few months because we had to change the screen and it took forever for the new one to arrive, so when we turned on the projector after months without using it at all, this problem appeared right away. Cleaning the Fan . Paradigm Reference Millenia 20 LCR , Paradigm Millenia LP Rear, JBL Control One Pro ceiling speakers, PSB Subsonic 6i Sub. I've tried a few things such as turning down the lumens and the brightness on the projector but nothing has worked so far. I leave the Notebook resolution unchanged at 1280 x 800 but change the Monitor resolution to 1024 x 768 to match the resolution of the Epson projector. , doing business as Epson, so that we may send you promotional emails. When I plug it into my computer, the output shows my computer screen like it should, except that it is purple. Open the Display Quality troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. Position the projector close enough to the screen. Varies: Flashing orange: Flashing orange: An obstacle has been detected around the projection window. Lamp and filter are cleaned to improve image quality and extend projector life. Sep 15, 2017 Both film and digital projectors can suffer from blinking or flickering problems when projecting images on screen. The remaining steps can be done using the remote control or the keypad on the projector. There is no picture and no sound is coming out from the devices when they use the HDMI port. The projector is solid, Epson’s have almost certainly the best reputation for reliability, and a great warranty. Many Epson business projectors, despite their display abilities, frequently have low-powered monophonic speakers, which makes them less than optimal as audio presentation tools for anything but small conference rooms. This may be due to a  Setting up a Mac laptop to display content on a projector Follow the instructions below to set up your Mac laptop with a data projector. Using outdated or corrupt Epson Projector drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail. The quality of the projector that you are using and the size of your projection screen can have a big impact on the quality of you displayed images. The EH-TW650 is best used in conjunction with a media player which should support streaming services, as that’s where you’ll be using it the most. It projects an image up to 150 inches diagonal while sitting only 16. Projector is Professionally Tested and is in Good Working Order. The Projector and Notebook Don't Display. epson projector display problems

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